Sunday, May 3, 2015

Renaissance Festival

Yesterday I went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival and really had a great time.  I loved all the costumes.... I really wish I'd had a costume to wear.  :). Yes, I have the skills to make myself some killer costumes and absolutely no opportunity to wear them.  Maybe I can retire and sell costumes someday. 

I was in medieval-fantasy-cosplay heaven.  I really appreciated how much time, effort, and money people put into the festival.  The photo is the home of the event organizers -- a real castle.  Some thought it was weird to have a lifetime dream of living in one's own castle.  I don't think so myself.  However, it worries me that I'm being looked at as weird by that person because I disagree -- I think it's a charming dream the owner has to live in a gorgeously appointed castle.  I've got my own dreams about where I'd like to live, but I probably can't afford it if I'm often paying for everyone else.  

I just wish that with my massive pay cut this year via insurance increases (and no raise for the last five years), that I was actually getting decent health care for what I pay.  I'm getting virtually none.  But those who refuse to work and just collect a check need to have some idiot like me pay their bills for them so they can have the best medical care for the issues they've caused themselves.

What's he going to say if I ever have a Halloween themed room in my home someday? My hobbies are linked very much to my interests, and of course, giving up all that will not bode well for my mental health.  I grew up being denied following my interests, for the most part, and it's made me the neurotic, chronically depressed person that I am today.

So do me a favor: don't seek to destroy what little happiness I've carved from my oppressive life. I won't live long after that and I won't leave my vast fortune to anybody who ever hurt me.  

This week I've spent ridiculous hours sewing baby gifts. Why? Somebody needs a fundraiser and baby gifts are always needed.  Blasted people keep having babies and expect you to coo over theirs and shower them with gifts.  :). Okay, I do like making things for little ones, I'll admit that.  I wish I had some of my own to make things for, because it's painful to make this stuff for everyone else but me.

So I do, and I grit my teeth, and rarely get a thank you.  Thank you notes are not passé. People just have extremely bad manners these days.

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