Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain, Folks

1.  Now that the Supreme Court has made it law that gays can marry, it looks like pedophiles are clamoring for their own rights to victimize children.  And don't give me that "they'll be okay if they watch kiddie porn because that doesn't hurt anyone" crap.  Children were victimized to make it.  Likely destroyed.  

2.  A lot of people need a real history lesson about the Civil War.  Looks like we are headed for another one, but this time it will be literally in our own towns where the divisiveness occurs. The sad thing is, it's exactly the scenario someone wants, so that they can become a monarch.  We are being driven to it by the rabble rousers.  Haven't you noticed how some people purport themselves to be leaders, but the only leading they do is on a path to anarchy and chaos?

3.  A local church burned, and though it has been deemed a likely lightning strike (from the big storm we had over the weekend), national news media is claiming that one as arson and a hate crime. Considering where lightning comes from, can you really personify that? Or are you saying God hates that church?  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. 

4.  If you don't openly proclaim your support for gay marriage, there are lots of so-called open-minded people ready to condemn you as a bigot.  Sorry, but I'm not going to be pushed into following a controversial Facebook trend just for the sake of being trendy.  I never said I was against it, but I'm not going to risk my job to be trendy.  It was difficult for me to land my job.  It's not a protected position. Why in the world should keeping my mouth closed be a cause for condemnation? It seems like the current "you'd better put a rainbow over your profile picture or I'll call you names!" people were awfully quiet about the issue before the Supreme Court jumped the Constitution.  

5.  Reconstruction is over.  Don't be surprised if you keep trying to play that card and you get more of a fight in return than you bargained for.  Knock it off with the Revisionist history.  (Such as children in Germany who have been taught that the Holocaust never happened.) Do some real research and you'll find that the North was never the Promised Land that lately it's being made out to be.  Don't just look in the liberal's handbook.  You'll find it's pretty thin and self-serving.  And don't trust news outlets.  They all lie to suit someone's agenda. 

Do you really think that any country escapes having shameful stuff in their past? The Germans haven't really forgotten the Nazis, and many are embarrassed. I doubt they want to discuss that. The U.S. is embarrassed by slavery that happened so long ago not a person alive is currently touched by it.  Is the U.S. still embarrassed by nearly 50% taxes levied on southern states?  

Frankly, I'm getting really tired of having this stuff rammed down my throat constantly.  It's sleight of hand, people.  If you'll pay attention to what's going on with this sensational topic, you won't see what they're doing to control you and destroy your freedom.  If you want there to be no states' rights left, we are headed down that path right now, because few are paying attention and many are just too lacking in intelligence to understand anyway.

And by golly, someone is throwing those sensational news items out there for us plebs to gnaw on, aren't they?  Don't you wonder what it is that they are doing behind your back?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Banging, Screwing, and Cracking

Still hobbling.  After three weeks, my ankle started to feel better, but my foot became excruciating.  I think the crack I heard when I fell was my plantar fascia tearing.  It made arch-supporting shoes very horrible to wear for the last two weeks.  I forced myself to stretch it, and earned a following day of every step being a tearful nightmare.

But it's getting better now.  I can turn my left foot inward again and the pain only hits me every few movements.  I think that not allowing the fascia to tighten back up is the key to fixing the problem, though it makes for some painful self-rehabilitation.

I haven't tried running yet.  I'm scared.

Well, a job awaits me outside.  I've fixed the fallen bathroom towel bar (plugged the holes in the stud with glued dowels and drilled directly in) so it is nice and snug against the wall once again.  

Tomato cages.  I'm building wood tomato cages because nothing made of wire will hold up a Better Boy tomato plant in this climate.  That's great for growth and all, but when you have a 7 foot tall indeterminate tomato plant flopping over the top of a flimsy 3 foot wire tomato cage, you tend to believe someone was joking around at the home improvement store.  

So I went to Lowe's, selected my lumber, and then had the cashier look right past me to my boyfriend as if it was his wood.  Yeah, thanks, no.  It's mine.  I have saw a and a drill, and even have a workbench because I just feel the need to make things outta wood.

My cages will be five feet tall, and pretty well utilize all the wood without much waste at all.  They'll also be small enough to fit into the flowerbeds where my tomatoes grow.  (And the poison ivy, but I've already had my poison & pull for the season on that evil stuff.)

They are a tad expensive, but they will last me for many years to come, so I suppose it's worth the cost.  After all, these will be custom designed to fit my psychotically tall Better Boys.  It's also another opportunity to learn something about carpentry.  I can read all the books, but there's not true understanding until I get the materials in my hand and start working with them.  

So far, I've got half of one cage built.  :D. I've only been able to work a little bit at a time.  The first day it was so hot and humid I nearly fainted.  Yesterday I had a headache that took most of the afternoon, so by the time I got to Lowe's for the screws I needed, I only had about half an hour of working time.  

Maybe when I finish this task I'll make something fun with some scraps and paint a sassy quote on it.  :)

Now that I'm fortified with some homemade strawberry juice, I'm heading out to work.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hilton Head

So, here I am on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  My aunt and uncle let us use their condo for our vacation, and I'm here with my brother and nephew.  There is about a mile long boardwalk to traverse over a salt marsh to get to the beach, so I'm managing to get in a little exercise, along with climbing four flights of stairs to get to our room.  

And I'm wheezing uncontrollably at the top of the second floor.  It's painful.  It's scary.  It's embarrassing.  But how do you ask everyone to help you with your asthma by not surrounding you with cigarette smoke?  You can't.  They have rights.  The right to pollute every bit of my air with carcinogens of their choice.  

I just wish I had the right to clean air. I'm a lesser being as a non smoker.

Well, it's beautiful here, anyway.  There are trees everywhere, shading the streets and shopping center parking lots, keeping things cool and shady.  Apparently, some ordinance requires signage to be unobtrusive and low to the ground.  It looks less commercially bald than it does back home.  Everything is calmer here.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 5

Well, I got bored pretty fast with logging my juices, but I was asked to eat out on day 3 (twice) and neither was a request I could really refuse.  It felt like really bad juju to say no, so I ate carefully.  No sodas, not much iced tea (it was unpleasantly over-sweetened), and a little juice afterward.  

I still lost a pound that day.

Yesterday I had 2 quarts of juice, two tacos, and a Virgin Mary, and I lost another pound.  

So as of yesterday, I'm down four pounds, and I've gotta make all the produce in my kitchen into juice.  

I still did a full workout at the gym and actually managed more reps on my assisted pull ups, which is quite a feat for me, because I haven't been able to do them before.  My shoulders do feel a little stronger, and maybe I might be overcoming my shoulder injury last summer as well.  (A suitcase lifting injury on the Eurostar from London to Paris.  Even though I'd packed light going over, I bought way too many souvenirs.)

I'm hoping that when I go on vacation, I can find some of those juice bars and that their prices are reasonable, because I really don't wanna lug my juicer with me, though it would be a healthier option than restaurant food.

Yesterday, I finished my painting of a Tahiti sunset and I'm pleased with the result.  Then I took my leftover patient which was too pretty to waste and just blended it across another canvas I'd started using for waste paint.  It was probably the prettiest accident I've ever made. Lol. It looks like it should be the background of ... Another beach sunset painting. :)

Funny how I'm actually looking forward to this. Too much of a good thing!  Lol