Friday, June 19, 2015

Banging, Screwing, and Cracking

Still hobbling.  After three weeks, my ankle started to feel better, but my foot became excruciating.  I think the crack I heard when I fell was my plantar fascia tearing.  It made arch-supporting shoes very horrible to wear for the last two weeks.  I forced myself to stretch it, and earned a following day of every step being a tearful nightmare.

But it's getting better now.  I can turn my left foot inward again and the pain only hits me every few movements.  I think that not allowing the fascia to tighten back up is the key to fixing the problem, though it makes for some painful self-rehabilitation.

I haven't tried running yet.  I'm scared.

Well, a job awaits me outside.  I've fixed the fallen bathroom towel bar (plugged the holes in the stud with glued dowels and drilled directly in) so it is nice and snug against the wall once again.  

Tomato cages.  I'm building wood tomato cages because nothing made of wire will hold up a Better Boy tomato plant in this climate.  That's great for growth and all, but when you have a 7 foot tall indeterminate tomato plant flopping over the top of a flimsy 3 foot wire tomato cage, you tend to believe someone was joking around at the home improvement store.  

So I went to Lowe's, selected my lumber, and then had the cashier look right past me to my boyfriend as if it was his wood.  Yeah, thanks, no.  It's mine.  I have saw a and a drill, and even have a workbench because I just feel the need to make things outta wood.

My cages will be five feet tall, and pretty well utilize all the wood without much waste at all.  They'll also be small enough to fit into the flowerbeds where my tomatoes grow.  (And the poison ivy, but I've already had my poison & pull for the season on that evil stuff.)

They are a tad expensive, but they will last me for many years to come, so I suppose it's worth the cost.  After all, these will be custom designed to fit my psychotically tall Better Boys.  It's also another opportunity to learn something about carpentry.  I can read all the books, but there's not true understanding until I get the materials in my hand and start working with them.  

So far, I've got half of one cage built.  :D. I've only been able to work a little bit at a time.  The first day it was so hot and humid I nearly fainted.  Yesterday I had a headache that took most of the afternoon, so by the time I got to Lowe's for the screws I needed, I only had about half an hour of working time.  

Maybe when I finish this task I'll make something fun with some scraps and paint a sassy quote on it.  :)

Now that I'm fortified with some homemade strawberry juice, I'm heading out to work.....

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