Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 5

Well, I got bored pretty fast with logging my juices, but I was asked to eat out on day 3 (twice) and neither was a request I could really refuse.  It felt like really bad juju to say no, so I ate carefully.  No sodas, not much iced tea (it was unpleasantly over-sweetened), and a little juice afterward.  

I still lost a pound that day.

Yesterday I had 2 quarts of juice, two tacos, and a Virgin Mary, and I lost another pound.  

So as of yesterday, I'm down four pounds, and I've gotta make all the produce in my kitchen into juice.  

I still did a full workout at the gym and actually managed more reps on my assisted pull ups, which is quite a feat for me, because I haven't been able to do them before.  My shoulders do feel a little stronger, and maybe I might be overcoming my shoulder injury last summer as well.  (A suitcase lifting injury on the Eurostar from London to Paris.  Even though I'd packed light going over, I bought way too many souvenirs.)

I'm hoping that when I go on vacation, I can find some of those juice bars and that their prices are reasonable, because I really don't wanna lug my juicer with me, though it would be a healthier option than restaurant food.

Yesterday, I finished my painting of a Tahiti sunset and I'm pleased with the result.  Then I took my leftover patient which was too pretty to waste and just blended it across another canvas I'd started using for waste paint.  It was probably the prettiest accident I've ever made. Lol. It looks like it should be the background of ... Another beach sunset painting. :)

Funny how I'm actually looking forward to this. Too much of a good thing!  Lol

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