Saturday, August 15, 2015

Painting and Creativity in the Heat

 I'm sitting here thinking about buying a Kreg Jig Master Kit.  Hmm.   Its expensive, though now a bit lower in price at Lowes, and this month it comes with a 500 screw set for free.  I suppose I could think of it as $25 off the price it would take for me then started using it.  Still, that's $139, and while a smaller kit might suffice, I'd still have to buy a couple of special clamps, a lot of pocket screws, and I'd probably be better off getting all I need from the beginning.

Will I use it?  Oh yes.  Last weekend I built 2 4-foot gallery shelves for the living room.  I plan to make more, and pocket holes would make it ridiculously simple and fast.  No, the shelves are not up, proudly displaying my oil and acrylic paintings yet.  Why? Ugh... I don't wanna paint them. 

Actually, I don't wanna prime and then paint them. However, there's a strong possibility that I have leftover paint in the kitchen (no place indoors to store ANYTHING temperature or moisture sensitive like paint and tools, though they are in the house in various places) in just the right shade of white (the right shade being free and already on hand, LOL). I think I may have even sensibly bought paint with primer in it, so I just need to get outside in the broiling heat and start painting.  

There's my holdup.  It's hot out there.  And I have to mow today or tomorrow.  My eyes are dried out too, and I really need to wear my contacts so that I can see what I'm doing.  

Isn't that funny?  I can spend weeks painting an 11 x 14 canvas in oils, yet I'm shying away from painting plain boards plain white.  Okay, so I haven't felt like painting at all lately, and I haven't had much time for it anyway.  *sigh*. Or money.

I'm just trying to improve my world a bit.  I've built in a cutting board rack for my microscopic kitchen, underbed shoe drawers or the overcrowded bedroom, gallery ledges for the living room, and a file caddy for my desk at work.  My house is small, but most importantly, poorly arranged for organizational efforts, and it has taken doing a few beginner carpentry projects for some solution ideas to flow in my head.  

I need to just go on out and finish the job.  Screw the ledges into the studs.  Display my artwork on them. Maybe even my blue ribbons. :) The ribbons thing seems a bit silly, but I've achieved little recognition in my life, so I am proud of the small accomplishments.  I kinda fade into the background in life.

It took me a while, in the last place I lived, to develop organizational strategies that worked while being temporary.  (I rented a townhouse apartment.). Mostly, I worked with wire coat hangers.  Haha! But they worked.  I didn't know of any place where I could buy affordable hangers and racks and things, so I made my own.  

Now I CAN make permanent alterations, and my brain has been like sludge on the things I might do.  I'll admit that I went a little crazy with the wooden crates from Jo-Ann's.  But in my own defense, I was horribly in need of shelves (tons of creative books!), and in my weirdly sized and shaped rooms, only custom bookshelves would have fit.  But those crates.... They stacked up and looked VERY nice flanking my entertainment center.  (Big old TV that will be used until it dies.)  Then I put several in a useless space in the back bathroom, and voila, I suddenly had a linen closet of sorts.  Somewhere to store my stash of toiletries I only buy on sale and my supply of toilet paper.  

It does not do to run out of toilet paper when you are a woman living alone.  I mean, we use the stuff every time we go, you know?  It's required, generally, like sitting down to use the toilet.  Men don't get that.  It reminds me of the time my dad got mad that my toilet seat was loose.  He said that women always loosen the toilet seats because we are always moving around.... And I said, "Dad, think about what you're saying... We women ALWAYS sit down to go.  Of course the seat will loosen faster when there's a woman always using it."  

He looked rather sheepish and laughed when he realized the truth.  

Yes, women can pee standing up, and with practice, can be just as accurate as a man with good aim. But I don't wanna go there.  I really don't.  The potential mess all over the floor makes me just say no.

Truthfully, it doesn't do to run out of things you need on a daily basis, such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant.  If they come in a value pack, you need some place to store them, don'tcha?  So I fixed that bathroom up to work for me as a storage closet.

I created a hall closet with the crates too, though I'm not satisfied with it yet.  The hallway is narrow, and the crates have to have a quick disassembly option because the attic door is right over them.  It won't have room to come down with those crates there, so I can't permanently attach them.  

My dad, by the way, is excited that I'm teaching myself carpentry.  And it is all by myself and on my own, though he said, "We're going to make a carpenter out of you yet!" and I'm confused about who the "we" might be, because I've had no help. (I'm a woman and bucking the old rule that girls can't do manly things like woodworking. I can BECAUSE I WANT TO DO IT, and I most certainly will.)  I dearly love my dad, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't truly understand who I am or what I'm capable of.  

Actulally, I've never told anyone enough for them to understand me, because they don't get very far with me beyond that point where they proclaim me weird and then act like its a contagious disease.   

I just want to create, and I don't appreciate people who try to limit my creativity with their pet boundaries.

Gee, it would be nice to work someplace other than my flooding-prone carport, which isn't very good for this sort of activity.  Someplace like, oh, I don't know, my dad's work shop.... (With all those power tools and accessories already well-stocked, like a table saw, drill press, router....)  Well, I haven't been invited, so the carport it shall be.  😁. With my beginner's tools and fledgling skills, I'll get where I want to be, eventually.  I'm okay with making mistakes along the way.  That's how we learn.

I should just go on out and blitz a few projects this weekend.  I need a serving tray, some more shelves, new doors for the crawlspace, more underbed drawers, some coffee table trays, and a mini-kitchen to go in my closet at work.  I also need to sit and sketch some ideas, and put them in Evernote for safe-keeping. 

Maybe it's cooler outside now....  Oh yes, it's 88° now.  Just balmy... 

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