Saturday, September 26, 2015


A few random thoughts for today... 

If I ever find myself in a "Walking Dead" situation, I'm going to sew all the little pieces of leather I can scrounge onto my jeans to strengthen them.  It's not like I'll just run across a pair of leather pants in my size, though a few months of starving and running might very well make me a size 8.

I'm thrilled that people like my new t-shirt design.  I bought a new Cricut last year, having never much utilized my Expression, and this makes me feel relieved that it wasn't just a splurge.  It's been really useful.  I'd love for it to be more useful.  :). 

By the way, anybody want to buy an Expression in really excellent shape? I struggled with it because the original mats that were made for it always tore up my paper on removal, but the mats for sale these days are a million times more user-friendly.  

I enjoy doing custom orders and artwork, but I'm still pretty slow in my ability to create custom artwork, so I appreciate everyone's patience. I can handle Photoshop really well, but it's not the right software for this type of designing.  That calls for Adobe Illustrator.  I want to be faster, just like with my oil painting. 

I'm enjoying making t-shirt designs for the sake of enjoying all the shine, bright colors, and glittery bling (because SPARKLIES, I LOVE PLAYING WITH SPARKLIES!) and it makes me happy that others like my work. However, I'm still having to pay for all the supplies, and they aren't the cheap stuff.  I'm not gonna work with the cheap stuff.  I just hope people understand that my shirts take time to do, quality supplies, and I'm not charging a correct price on them currently.  Yes, I'm undercutting myself quite a bit.  No, I can't go lower, because of the costs. (I'm still trying to pay for my supplies!) For example -- my first original design took me TWELVE HOURS to create! (I'll only do that on my own time.)  And yes, my personal time at night and on weekends is worth money, and no, I don't do that stuff when I'm doing my regular job.  Only on my own personal time.  No interference. 

Sure, there are designs out there already, and the people who created them will happily charge me if I want to buy them.  That runs up the cost too.  (I'm not well-off, or I wouldn't need a second job.  Health insurance costs are starting to eat me alive, and I'm a healthy person!  Well, I don't run to the doctor for every little thing, and there's a major issue I'm ignoring as long as I can.)

I wish I could sell at craft fairs on the weekends and make a fortune, but it's not going to happen.  I can't keep a shop's worth of various colors and sizes in garments on hand, though I'll gladly order some if several people have requests.  The one craft fair I worked pretty much killed my confidence.  I'm doubtful I could make a living at this, but if I can make a few people happy at a time, I'll take it.

My house is terrible for house plants. I'm going to have to relocate them all to my classroom.  The one I already moved is flourishing.  The two here look like they are dying a little each month.  

I've still got to replace my central heat & air unit.  Ouch.  Big bucks.  But living the past two months without AC has been miserable.  Today is a misty cloudy day and I'm loving it.  

My foot & ankle injury still hasn't healed after four months.  I think that not only did I tear my plantar fascia with an audible CRACK, but I probably also tore my peroneal tendons. They still hurt a lot.  Aw, but gee, at least I didn't break it, right? Oh sure, that makes everything ok, doesn't it?  I didn't go to the orthopedist because I suspect that they're just stretching treatment out to collect the maximum from my insurance company and me for treatments they know are ineffective. I had separate hip and leg injuries.  He refused to look at my leg at all until he had "finished treating the hip".  For three years he hemmed and hawed on one hip, though both hurt identically, and sent me to a variety of his partners who never did more than say they wanted to have yet another doctor take a look.  My leg was never examined, presumably because he wanted a separate office visit charge for treating each location.  I wonder, if someone breaks an arm AND a leg, how do they decide which one to ignore until treatment has finished for the other limb???  Luckily, my cracked rib healed on its own. I'd still be waiting if it hadn't.  (A cracked rib is easy to diagnose without an X-Ray, especially with the extensive bruising I had, and considering that I had taken a flying leap to land with a hard seat back directly into that rib. Breathing was rough for a couple of months.). It was either take the leap, or buy a new mower.  I just didn't foresee getting hurt.  I wasn't scared.... Just a little angry that the mower slipped out of neutral and into first. Gremlins! 

There are some things that it's just not worth spending the doctor fees for: breaking three of my toes (splint and just be more careful about kicking snow off), breaking my tailbone (like there's much to be done for that), cracked rib (it hurts to breathe and bend over, so I will just avoid the pain and breathe shallowly unless I'm struggling to breathe), broken thumb (okay, it was low into my palm and I didn't realize I'd broken it until much too late - it was my non-dominant hand and that thumb never gets a workout anyway), glass in the foot (disinfect and remove the glass yourself, and what you miss will cut its way out a few years later, LOL), torn open bridge of the nose (I butterflied it back together after being told by the school nurse it was too late to see a doctor to stitch it, since a couple of hours had passed since the accident -- I think she was wrong about that though).  

I suppose I'm frustrated that most doctors these days are focused on how to increase profits, rather than treating patients efficiently.  The ENT who removed the tumor in my neck was effective and efficient.  I only had to see him three times to get the problem taken care of: consultation and biopsy, surgery, post-op checkup.  He didn't waste my time, he listened to my concerns, answered my questions, was very pleasant, and he was very understanding that I wanted the golf ball GONE.  He didn't even leave a hugely obvious scar, but he credits me for my excellent after care for that.  My recovery was spent alone except for a single visit by my brother and nephew, and I was pretty out of it on meds when I cleaned up the surgical site and removed the drain.  I had to "burp" the air out of it.  Pretty disgusting. Lol. Self-sufficiency.  You never know when it will be required. I was a little disappointed that nobody ever asked about the scar, though. I was hoping to wildly embellish a tale of how I got it.  Knife fight!  You should see the other guy!  

I suppose I'm a little bit Wednesday Addams, because I'm enjoying the gloomy lack of heat outside, and my dogwood's Autumn colors. It's pleasantly cool. I'm sure I'll regret it when the grey days of December have me in the throes of seasonal affective disorder depression.  But right now, nap time seems appealing, though not likely to be possible. (I have blinging to do!) 

A student seemed incensed by the understanding that I have to mow my yard.  And everything else.  I told him that you have to be able to take care of yourself, because not everyone has people around to do it all for them.  I just never have enough time when I'm feeling well, and when I do have enough time, I end up being too sick to do anything but stay in bed.  Hmm.  Maybe I'm wrong about being healthy?  Must find new doctor for problem.  Must hope to find doctor who actually wants to heal patients! Must make new doctor understand I'm not shopping for drugs.  I resent the obligation of prescriptions and the side effects that I always suffer with prescriptions.  It's best to avoid all that, hmm?

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