Sunday, November 22, 2015

Magnesium Deficiency and Migraines

As I've said before, I've suffered from migraines from age 12. They've slowly increased in frequency and severity over the last 32 years, until I started having more than 2 a week. They got to a point where nothing was helping.  

Funny, as I got older and my periods went from an uncomfortable inconvenience to an extended hemmorhaging hell-on-earth excruciating situation making me hope I can have my organs cut out, my migraines ramped up right along with them, although they seemed to share no other link than my advancing years. 

The timing on my migraines was random, and were triggered by myriad unrelated causes.  Bright lights, loud sounds, too much sugar, too little sugar, caffeine, lack of caffeine, PMS, actual menstrual period, the days after my period when hormone levels dropped and messed with me emotionally, poor posture, overly straight posture, anxiety, waking up from a peaceful slumber, eating, not eating enough, rapid breathing, not breathing often enough, exercise, lack of exercise, crying, stifling the need to cry.  Random, really.

After my last visit to Urgent Care for a migraine shot and pre-emptory prescription refill for Imitrex, I started taking a magnesium supplement with my vitamins.  250mg -- that's all.  Just one dose a day.  I never needed to refill the prescription.  

I haven't had a migraine in SIX MONTHS!  

I've had a few mild headaches caused by letting my neck droop, but no more migraines. Given what a picky eater I've always been, I don't really eat many foods rich in magnesium, and not that often anyway.  I've probably had a worsening magnesium deficiency over the years, likely caused by my reproductive system, which is trying to kill me.  

I'd read that eating a spoonful of salt was an instant cure for migraines, but as it turns out, it's not table salt which does the trick.  It's Epsom salts, rich in magnesium.  I won't eat a spoonful of that, but it can be dissolved in water to drink, if proper dosing instructions are followed.  

So I've been taking magnesium supplements daily, and had no more migraines. If you have them, you might give it a try.  

*I'm not a doctor, I'm not selling anything, and I'm no expert, but my experiment worked for me.

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