Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chiropractic and... Narcolepsy!

I've been unofficially diagnosed with narcolepsy.  Dreaming vividly within five minutes of a nap in the car was what gave it away, but the constant fatigue and daytime sleepiness are symptoms too.  I wake up just as tired as when I go to bed.  It might explain why I don't lose weight easily, as well.  I dread being told I have to take meds for it, especially since those meds are sometimes amphetamines - scary stuff. I don't like taking drugs. 

My dear fianc√© (DF) made an appointment for me with his chiropractor, who took a bunch of X-rays and found that my spine curves to the left near my tailbone, and does a sharp angle forward and out of place just below my skull.  Weeeeellllll...... How about that? And why didn't the neurologist notice any of that in the images he took?  

My X-rays look freaky, but there's no denying that's my skull.  There is even a metal clip marking where the tumor was removed, and my dental work is very familiar to me.

Sounds to me like he found the cause of my continuing headaches (different from the migraines, of course).  I don't know how to hold my head and it might be a result of whiplash when I was 15.  For that, I get put in a neck stretching machine.  (It's pretty uncomfortable, especially when it grips the base of my skull, and it's about as emotionally comforting for me as getting into an MRI tube.  Not being able to move my head freaks me right out.)

The lower back displacement is possibly due to my tailbone injury, and it might be the reason my leg has nerve problems, because there is a compressed disk down where it curves.  Irritating nerve roots, unhappy muscles, bad signals being sent -- this might also explain my ever-increasing clumsiness.  

My shoulder, thankfully, is a case of rotator cuff tendinitis, not a torn rotator cuff.  Unfortunately, this knocks me out of weightlifting for a while and might keep me from having toned arms in my wedding dress.  :(. 

My ankles are definitely recovering from bad sprains, though I'm told they weren't broken.  The left was badly sprained, and the adjustments he does on my ankles are excruciating... But only for a couple of seconds.  

So,... The chiropractor is doing all sorts of work on me, including trying to release my frozen lower back. He's treating my plantar fasciitis too. I'm getting crackled all over, ultrasound on my feet, and electric shocks on my shoulder and left ankle.  

I've also got arthritis in my spine, which doesn't scare me as much as I thought at this point.  I suspected as much for a long time. 

While sometimes all that popping is a bit painful for a split second, I have to admit I immediately feel better the minute I stand up -- especially in my lower back.  It seems to be getting looser each time. I have a dream that at some point that nerve is going to become unblocked and my leg will feel normal again.  :). I also dream that someday I'll run again, but my ankles will call that particular tune.  

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