Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Decorations

This year I did a little decorating for Christmas on December 22nd. :D. Well, at least I did it. I was finally feeling a little bit inspired.  We drove around a few times looking at holiday light displays and I lost my will to put up icicle lights, even though I had bought an entire new set.

The day we attempted to put them up a few things went badly.  First, I had to maneuver myself around the power lines leading to my house, and that made me nervous.  Dreadfully nervous indeed. By the time I got around to the gable on my house, I realized that the ladder was far too short to get halfway up that roofline.  Well, I'd thought it was longer but I was mistaken.  Several days later my brother loaned me a much longer ladder, but I didn't want to bother with those lights on the house anymore. Ever again.  

And then my neighbors, the Griswolds, put up their lights and I was a bit jealous coming home to my dark house.  *Sigh*. I just wanted some holiday cheer, you know? Hardly anyone in my neighborhood made an effort this year, but they did and I wanted to.  It's what makes me enjoy Christmas -- the beautiful lights.  

We went on a two city hunt for this year's newest holiday lighting gotta-have -- the laser light shower projector.  It makes your house look like it was wrapped in red and green lights.  But after Halloween, those were nowhere to be found.  I was wanting the ability to choose different colors, anyway.  :( 

My sister and I had decided we would get together and make tomato cage Christmas trees.  I excitedly bought wired garland and some lights and then never did it. :(. But on December 22nd, we were under a tornado watch from the unnaturally warm weather and something possessed me to create something I hoped would look pretty, rather than homemade.  I had to buy a lot of extra garland (no more wired was available) and another set of lights just in case.  I already had the tomato cages from a failed summer attempt to grow tomatoes in pickle buckets. 

Okay, the whole summer even the tomatoes in the ground did poorly.  They went in too late and grew more greenery than fruit, until it was too late in the year to get decent tomatoes from them.  Next year I'll just plant the darn things at the beginning of May and risk them being frozen or flooded.

I finished the "trees", put them on my front porch, hooked them up to an extension cord and timer stake, and they look so much classier at night than I expected them to.  :). It made me so happy that I went inside and decorated my two small interior Christmas trees with ornaments. I'm sorry that I didn't get the big tree up, but that was dependent on getting rid of an old chair that was in the way.  

I think that the tomato cages will remain Christmas trees, and I'll probably just put them away as is for next year. Now what I have to do is find a tall box for each little Christmas tree and gently set them in, fully decorated. :D. Maybe if I just tackle one or two new things each year it'll look nice without one gargantuan effort?

I would like to paint a Heat Miser and a Snow Miser to go out front. Maybe if I start on them now they'll be ready. 

It would have been nice to hang up my sparkle balls in the tree, but the lights inside may be kaput by now. However, that doesn't mean I can't wrap a new set of lights around the outside, and I may do that. I also have a couple of old lighted topiaries that need some TLC -- more lights and more garland.

The problem is that being a teacher, I am utterly exhausted and just trying to survive in the weeks leading up to Christmas break.  There's not any time to rest before putting up decorations. This time I had nearly a full week before Christmas, BUT I was suddenly beset by a lot of pain and fatigue that really made my chiropractic adjustment in my lower back, shall we say, excruciating.  You know, pain the week before, agony the week of, and pain the week after.  In another week I should get to enjoy my one pain free week of the month.  It's funny to think that I'd not be in such misery if I'd had children.  I've got one heck of an exam to dread very soon.  Right now I'm flopped on the couch, knowing I shouldn't be this tired and I shouldn't be feeling any pain at all, but I am...

And I'll get on with my day regardless, because I tend to hide most of my suffering from view. After all, I'm really the only person who knows how bad it is.  

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