Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Sleeping Dead

I feel fortunate that I got plenty of sleep last night, but you know, it was filled with dreams, meaning that I wasn't truly resting.  The main dream was being in the beginning of a zombie apocalypse (LOL! SO utterly predictable and unoriginal at this point) and trying to gather up supplies. 

Somehow Rick Grimes was there and he made me drive his police cruiser through Atlanta while people were just at the beginning fringes of panic.  He told me that I was in a police car, so quit stopping at the red lights and just drive on through. Hit the siren.  Hahah.  (I suppose I was wasting time when there wasn't much traffic in the roads to speak of anyway.). 

No, I don't have a thing for Andrew Lincoln (much cuter in Love, Actually), so I think my mind was being a tad lazy in comforting me with a familiar character in a really familiar theme.

The main thing I was worried about was getting to my house for my bag of equipment, most especially the multi-tool that I couldn't find in the bag a couple of days ago when we were opening Christmas gifts.  

What causes all this worried dreaming about being prepared for a catastrophe ? The fact that our holiday weather has been filled with disastrous weather?  Right now outside looks like a blizzard is moving in, though the temperature says otherwise.  It's gloomy.  Grey.  Depressing.  

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