Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wedding Bells

I'm getting married in the near future.  Wow.  It was expected....eventually, but more unexpected was the proposal.  :). Imagine, having your fella stolen away 20+ years ago, but he comes back.  I should call him Odysseus.  I'm a little dumbfounded, going about making plans and arrangements, and getting used to having someone in my life.

This old maid really thought she never had a reason to think about such things as a date, a venue, a dress, cake, attendants, invitations, a guest list, and all that.  So I am completely unarmed!  Hello.... Pinterest?  My old pal?  Are you gonna help me through this?  

First things first - I presumed a date and a venue would have to be chosen first, as a lot of engagements happen at Christmas and venues would be reserved quickly by the first of the year.  It looks like the place I was most interested in will be available, but I'm pretty sure we got very lucky on that.  :)  

Now I can take everything else a step at a time. I most likely will not be creating a handmade lace dress.  I could, but I think time is too much a factor and my garment shaping skills are not good enough for that.  It's not like I will have a daughter to consider giving it to, anyway.  I'll add my personal touch to the dress, and probably make my own veil and other accessories.  

I'll have a lot of stuff to make by then.  I cringe at the thought of buying some of the items when I can make something much more beautiful by hand. 

So much to do, even considering this will not be a grandly expensive affair.  I don't do such things, and I think spending tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding is a waste.  Besides, being an older bride is a consideration.   Too many people think a lovely wedding is a waste for someone so old.  They think all the celebration should be for those girls who want that ridiculously fancy wedding more than wanting that man to be their husband for the next 80 years.

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