Sunday, January 17, 2016

Three Day Weekend Itinerary

Wake up groggy and sore-throated due to sleep meds and all night coughing
Eat mug of Corn Chex leftover from holiday Chex Mix, due to absent bowls
Cough all morning
Sneeze intermittently
Cramp constantly.  Fume at ruined clothes.  Give up hope. 
Blow stuffy nose
Veg on couch
Nap tiredly on couch
Do load of laundry
Eat Popsicles for sore throat
Do another load of laundry
Eat popsicle
Watch secondhand football
Endure hypoglycemic episode
Fix hypoglycemia with pb&j sandwich without milk.  Out of milk.
Miss best friend's daughter's reception due to likelihood of contaminating others with nonstop coughing :(   (Not good karma to curse newlyweds with viral plague)
Want to go back to sleep for rest of day
Complete week 1, day 2 of 5k program at 4 mph expecting to cough and get choked.  No coughing till the end, and then it feels nonstop
Oxygen in bloodstream makes me feel much better for ten minutes
Fight coughing urge
Lose a pound 
Cough for the rest of the evening, wet and icky.
Eat pizza.  Drink 2 Pepsis due to dry throat and unquenchable thirst. Expect immediate return of lost pound
Pick up milk and additional Muscle Milk 4 pack with no current desire to improve protein intake 
Only 2 packs of chocolate Muscle Milk in lousy local Wal-Mart, per usual stocking style.
Plenty of strawberry MM.
Don't buy the strawberry. 
Go home to more laundry.
Say goodbye to fiancĂ© leaving for work. 
Consider Irish coffee. Look for better recipe. Consider caffeine intake for day and pass. 
Finish American Horror Story: Hotel on iPad in bed, coughing frequently
Wait three hours for Zzzquil to actually work.  
Sleep and cough in equal intervals
Look up hot toddy recipe on iPad while asleep
Wake up and wonder when I did that
Wake up to itchy sinuses and more icky coughing
Snuggle with pup on couch
Eat Cheerios leftover from making Chex mix
Drink Irish coffee.
Suddenly get WAY too warm in this cold room.  Start sweating.  Marvel at uncharacteristically warm fingers. 
Remove old nail polish and remember commitment to wear nail polish nonstop until honeymoon to strengthen nails. Remember Mama's secret to strong nails is wearing polish.
Go slightly mad from itching sinuses, stuffy nose, and coughing
Have another Popsicle. 
Think longingly of couch nap when Peyton's possible last game is turned on.
Hog half of couch in silent football protest.  :D Giggle maniacally at passive-aggressiveness. 
Have tomatoes & clam chowder for dinner.
Get sick almost immediately after dinner... Because... I always get sick after dinner these days. I dunno why.
Discover toilet isn't flushing right during sickness.
Realize cause.  I'm not to blame, but I'm gonna have to fix it.
Fix toilet.  
Get sick again.
Toilet acts weird
Fix toilet again.
Get sick again.
Fix toilet again.  
Walk wobbly legs to couch.
Eat popsicle.
Eat red grapes for hydration.
Get extremely chilled.  
Get too tired to finish this post. Lol

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