Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Long Fingernails and Torture

I have the ability to grow my own nails long and strong, given enough time and the right circumstances. I'd been doing it for months prior to the wedding, but for whatever reason, they all started breaking off by the week of the wedding.  

So I opted to get some artificial nail tips added on to mine, so they'd look nice (and not like a gardener's hands) in our wedding pictures.  

I've got to say that there is a distinct disadvantage in dealing with nail technicians that don't speak much English.  I've gone back for my first fill, to a lot of problems making me reconsider continuing this at all.

1.  The blobby toenail polish when I first went.   There is no excuse for that.  I can paint mine smoothly with a cheesy dollar bottle of polish.  
2.  He insisted on using a drill to rough up my natural nails even though I requested that he not do that.  Why?  It takes a little longer to do it properly with a file.  Though I was the first one in when the shop opened, it was obvious he wanted to rush through and do a quantity of jobs, but not quality.  
3.  Using said drill, the first guy sanded the sides and base of two fingers until they were raw and bleeding. The second guy held the drill tip under my nail until he had burned a raw spot into my fingertip.  
4.  The first set of nails started lifting on day 3, which can lead to a fungal infection with moisture between the acrylic and your nail bed.
5.  When I went back for the fill / repair, the second guy forcibly lifted the fake nails up to cut them away with clippers.  
6. And then he literally ripped four of the partially lifted nails off my nails with a fake nail tip as a pry bar. This caused two of my natural nails to rip off, one down in the quick.  His response when I winced? "Oh, sorry."  Artificial nails should never be ripped off.  They're supposed to be soaked off using acetone.... But I didn't realize what he was doing until too late.  Forcing things under your nails and ripping nails off forcefully is actually a method of torture, so why did I have pay for this guy to hurt me over and over?  Seems like he should have been paying me.
7.  He wouldn't listen to even the smallest request. He asked if I wanted squared off nails or round, and I said round.  So now I have some sharply square corners that feel awkward and don't flatter my hands.  He also asked if I wanted them shortened, and I said no.  Therefore he shortened them anyway.  
8.  They are trying to claim that acrylics are gels. They're not.  And you shouldn't try to sell acrylics for the gel price.  

I'm pretty sure that I can do my own acrylics and maybe even gels, IF I ever go this route again.  But I won't be letting those people put me through that again.  I would reaLily rather stay with my own nails. My fingers are still sore today, and I expect they will stay sore for at least another day.  Not good.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thoughts on Arthritis and Pains in the Neck

I'm waiting to get my nails done (okay, to get a fill done on the nail tips I had put on for our wedding) and hearing a pedicure customer talk about how her arthritis disappears for days after a simple leg massage. 

Is that possible? Hmm. Hey, what if it is? What if it's the placebo effect? What does it matter if the pain goes bye bye?

I have arthritis in my neck and back. I've probably had it since I was 15, when I was in a car accident and injured my neck. 

My back and neck have hurt me all this time to some degree, and probably contributed to the frequency of my migraines. 

After being accused of whining and hypochondria for years, I finally stopped telling anyone I was in pain and learned to live with it.  As you do. Daily pain has become normal. I was surprised when my chiropractor showed me the extent of the damage in my X-rays. I suppose I felt vindicated. 

It even eased some of the nasty meanness directed my way once. (As in being accused of being a shameless attention seeker).  I'd told (who I thought was a friend) someone after 9/11 that I had met one of the men who brought down the plane in Pennsylvania.  Nothing in that other than how sad it was. He wouldn't have remembered me anyway. I think we said hi once in passing in the hallway. Anyway, this so-called friend  nastily responded "Well I guess that makes you famous, doesn't it!!!"

Um, where did that come from? Oh, just likely his true nature.  With a nasty attitude like that, I began to suspect that maybe there was something to his ending up in court over spousal abuse charges. I know he did a lot of self-aggrandizement over the course of our friendship, but who would make that up to sound impressive?  Maybe there was truth to it after all and once again, I got lucky through rejection. 

I guess my mind connected the neck and spinal arthritis to that memory of him because supposedly he's got it too. Not that we are kindred spirits. Just two humans whose path crossed and coincidence struck.