About Me

Teacher, Artist, Gamer

I teach Technology (which is basically engineering for beginners).
I paint, sew, knit, crochet, weave, scrapbook, and photograph, plus lots of other activities. If civilization collapses, I'm the person you'll go see for clothes, shoes, baskets, and lots of other handy items you won't know how to make for yourself.

I also write, though I'm a bit out of practice. I daydream a lot, which may or may not come in useful with my writing.

I play World of Warcraft.... (because I have time to! No, you cannot have my gold! LOL) You could also say that I have nothing more meaningful to fill my time with. Pathetic, really.

I don't mind if you make comments on my blog -- really, I don't! Don't be put off by the moderated status, please. I set it up that way to prevent spam. The only time I've ever liked spam was when my mother cooked it with pineapple and called it Hawaiian Spam. :) I was a toddler. Give me a break.